Speak Up - the rep feedback tool


Welcome to Speak Up, your online platform for recording instant student feedback.  All Northumbria students have the right to stand up, speak up and be heard, and by telling us about their experience you are helping us to effectively represent all Northumbria students.

Specifically, we want to hear all about the experience of the students you represent on your programme, from the quality of teaching to the facilities on campus, and beyond.

Please be detailed and clear in the feedback you provide, to make sure we can understand your comments.  We will not identify you when we present the information we learn through this feedback tool, but we will present aggregate information to let the University know about trends in student experience.

We're confident that as the rep for your programme, you can take forward the majority of student issues without needing us to weigh in, but if you do need some extra help or advice you can choose to request further support from our Advice and Representation team.

You can use this tool as many times as you wish, so please keep telling us about the experience of students on your programme.