Throughout the year we hold several ‘We’re All Ears’ Go Out And Listen (GOAL) days. On these day, Students’ Union officers and senior University staff go out on campus, speaking to hundreds of students to find out what matters to them and to understand what we can do to enhance their student experience.

When students tell us what they think, we take it away and work on it to deliver the best possible University experience. This page sets out what the Students’ Union and University are doing to act on the main themes students have raised with us during recent We’re All Ears events.

Keep checking this page to see how we’re taking action on the things that matter to you!

Previously students have told us:

  • Computers on campus: Many of you said you would like more computer access on campus. Pop-up computer rooms now appear throughout the University during those all-important assessment periods and the University is converting spaces for new computer rooms, including the former student support office and Forager’s annexe at Coach Lane Campus. The Faculty of Engineering and Environment has also opened up areas to make sure you have access to the equipment needed for your specific subject.
  • Assessment feedback: Lots of students have told us how much they value prompt and helpful feedback, which supports their future learning and assessed work. In response to student requests, the university is more closely monitoring that students are getting their feedback in a timely way, in line with its policy, which states that you should receive feedback within 20 working days.
  • Communication with lecturers: We’ve spoken to lots of students about where communication between staff and students works well, and where it could be improved. A recurring theme was how much students value their conversations with lecturers, whether in person or by email. Building on feedback about the important of promptness in staff responses, the University has this year introduced a policy that emails will normally receive a response within 72 hours.
  • Extended campus opening hours: A number of students have spoken to us about extending the opening hours of campus buildings, to allow them to continue their work at times convenient for them. The University has worked on opening hours across the institution and examples of changes include extended weekend hours for accessing architecture studios in the Sutherland Building and later opening of London Campus. Further work is taking place with a view to extend access to university buildings where this is possible, particularly around busy assessment periods.
  • Printing: Design students in particular have talked to us about their experience of using specialist printers to deliver high-quality pieces of work. Wherever possible, additional printers have been installed in the faculty in response to this feedback.
  • Graduation tickets: A number of final year students have highlighted the importance of graduation to their overall student experience, wanting to see free tickets so those closest to them can attend. The University agreed that students would receive two free graduation tickets for December 2017 graduations and we’ll keep looking into this issue for you.
  • Food on campus: Many students have talked to us about their experiences of food on campus. In response to feedback highlighting the importance of food outside of key teaching and opening hours, the library has added in more vending machines so you can stay energized during those long study sessions.
  • Student Central developments: We’ve had lots of conversations about the Student Central building which brings together key University services in one place. Following feedback, there’s a new and improved Research Zone for PGR students, as well as gender-neutral toilets. The University is also working towards having gender-neutral toilets available in each building on campus.
  • Postgraduate studies: We’ve had conversations with students who’ve loved their time at Northumbria and wanted to know more about postgraduate study. We’ve given those students the info they’ve wanted, the University has promoted postgraduate study opportunities, and the Students’ Union is hugely excited that from July we’ll have our first ever Vice-President Postgraduate to represent our postgraduate students!
  • London campus: We heard from students at London Campus about the importance of student support staff. In response to this and with a growing campus, the University has worked with its partner, QA, to recruit a bigger staff team working as part of the Ask4Help service at London.

We’re continuing to work on the feedback you’ve given us, and to seek out more feedback on your experience at Northumbria. We will publish the date of each We're All Ears event on the NSU Facebook page. Follow us here to find out more about this and the other amazing things we do to make a positive impact on your student experience.