Our Student Executive makes sure the voice of students is heard loud and clear. It sets policy and political priorities, coordinates campaigns, and holds the Sabb Team to account.

Executive is made up of eighteen representatives, elected by students during our annual leadership elections. Any student can attend its meetings, and everyone can submit ideas for consideration through Your Big Ideas – our online platform for students to suggest ideas to improve the University experience.

There will be at least seven meetings of Executive this academic year.All meetings are in the ground floor training rooms in the Students’ Union at City Campus, and all begin at 3pm:

  • Monday 2nd October (including the election of the Chair of Student Exec)
  • Tuesday 14th November
  • Thursday 7th December
  • Monday 15th January
  • Tuesday 20th February
  • Thursday 22nd March
  • Monday 23rd April

Minutes and Policies from previous meetings of Student Exec can be found here.

Your Sabbatical Officers, who sit on Student Executive, can be found here.

Your Open Place Councillors and Equality Reps, who also sit on Executive,  can be found here.


What has Student Executive decided in the past year?

  • NSU rejects unethical organisations at commercial events and fairs.
  • NSU emphasises the need for continued financial support for NHS Students.
  • NSU emphasises the need for Non-Binary Toilets on campus, especially in 24/7 areas.
  • NSU endorses the mental health policy “Time to Change”.
  • NSU resolves to work towards implementing a system which allows for further discussion and partnership between ratified student groups and commercial services.
  • NSU resolves to campaign on eradicating parking fees for Northumbria students.
  • NSU believes in enterprise and further investment of time and resources into improving student potential.
  • NSU should offer free sanitary products to students and get the shop to sell them tax free.
  • NSU will lobby to get more food options on Campus to ensure everyone is accommodated for and at a price that is suitable for all.
  • NSU stresses the importance of room availability both in the Union building and across campus for student activities and volunteering.
  • NSU opposes the implementation of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, however NSU will work with the University on its implementation of PREVENT insofar as it does not detrimentally impact on the wellbeing and lives of students and such processes as the university implements are transparent, open to scrutiny and challenge.
  • NSU stresses the importance of keeping Wednesday afternoons free for students.
  • NSU opposes the far right and supports anti-fascism.
  • Northumbria Student’s Union endorses its right to No Platform organisations deemed to incite hate crimes.