Our Student Council makes sure the voice of students is heard loud and clear. It sets policy and political priorities, coordinates campaigns, and holds the Sabb Team to account.

Executive is made up of eighteen representatives, elected by students during our annual leadership elections. Any student can attend its meetings. Email su.democracy@northumbria.ac.uk if you’d like to be sent the agenda and minutes for Council meetings, or if you want to know more about the election process.


Our current members of Student Council are:

Chair: Gareth Smith - gareth2.smith@northumbria.ac.uk

President: Emmanuel Kabengele - e.kabengele@northumbria.ac.uk

VP Education: Claudia Shaw - claudia2.shaw@northumbria.ac.uk

VP Activities: Keldyne Wilson - keldyne.wilson@northumbria.ac.uk

VP Postgraduate: Matthew Johnston - matthew4.johnston@northumbria.ac.uk

VP Welfare: Anna Kemp – anna2.kemp@northumbria.ac.uk

Lead Rep – Arts, Design and Social Sciences: June Scott – june.scott@northumbria.ac.uk

Lead Rep – Business and Law: Olivia Anderson - olivia.anderson@northumbria.ac.uk

Lead Rep – Engineering and Environment: John Burton - john.burton@northumbria.ac.uk

Lead Rep - Health and Life Sciences: Richard Brown - richard5.brown@northumbria.ac.uk

Part-time Officer: Andy Hunter - andy.hunter@northumbria.ac.uk

Part-time Officer: Leah Smith - leah.m.smith@northumbria.ac.uk

Part-time Officer: Rey Blewitt - rey.m.blewitt@northumbria.ac.uk

Part-time Officer: Vanessa Wood - vanessa.wood@northumbria.ac.uk

Part-time Officer: James Slater - james.slater@northumbria.ac.uk

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer: Saeem Korim - saeem.korim@northumbria.ac.uk

Gender Diversity Officer: Jess Stutchbury - jess.stutchbury@northumbria.ac.uk  

International Students’ Officer: Rana Shan - rana.shan@northumbria.ac.uk

Mature Students’ Officer: VACANT

Open Place Equality Officer: Rachel Baines - rachel2.baines@northumbria.ac.uk

Sexual and Romantic Diversity Officer: Jessica Doyle - j.doyle@northumbria.ac.uk

Students with Caring Responsibilities Officer: Evan Davies -  evan.a.s.davies@northumbria.ac.uk

Women Students’ Officer: Anisah Ali - anisah.ali@northumbria.ac.uk

Disabled Students' Officer: VACANT 


Find out what was discussed in the previous academic year in the meeting minutes below. Keep an eye out for what will be happening at Student Council in 2019-20!

9th October 2018

7th November 2018

4th December 2018

20th February 2019

26th March 2019

26th April 2019

20th May 2019