You Said NSU did 

Every year NSU makes changes from the feedback that you give us. We love hearing your feedback and we always try and act on what you say, so that we can make a difference to your life here at Northumbria and help enhance your university experience.

This year the Sabb Team have been working hard to make sure that your views are turned into a reality, here are just some of things we’ve got for you:

You said you wanted cheaper car parking at Coach Lane. Your Sabb Team were able to persuade the University to remove the permit charges and have helped reduce parking charges to £2 per day.

You said you wanted us to get more cycle racks on campus. We raised this with Campus Services and they have installed more cycle racks on campus.

You raised concerns about the Number 1 bus, so we’ve taken the issue up with Stagecoach and the University and things have improved. The Number 1 bus now has its final stop at Coach Lane campus to speed up its route.

You said you wanted more space in lectures, so we took this up with timetabling and in the instances we were aware of, more suitable spaces were identified and the lectures were moved.

You said you wanted to scrap payment for guests to attend graduation ceremonies. Your Sabb have worked hard and pushed the University to lower the cost of tickets by £2.50, saving students at least £42,000.

You said you wanted more space for activities, we make sure there is always space for societies and project here in the Students’ Union.

You said you wanted the University to make additional costs clearer. We agree that the University should make it absolutely clear what the costs of studying a Northumbria degree really are.  We've been working on this issue for years and as well as persuading the University to remove hidden fees worth at least £2million per year to students, they’ve now made the real cost of a Northumbria degree clearer on their website.

You explained that you would like a massage service to help you when you’re stressed with exams and coursework deadlines, so we took this on board and now offer a frequent massage service at both City and Coach Lane campus.



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