Can Reps really make a difference? 

Yes! Reps can make a huge difference to their courses, departments, faculties and wider student experience.  Here are some examples of what Reps have achieved: 


“[I] managed to campaign for DBS charges to be scrapped from optional and compulsory modules working with at risk individuals.”  Programme Rep for Geography 


“During this lockdown, I have maintained contact with other students to get their feedback on the way our course is being delivered online. I have received several improvements and forwarded them to staff, benefitting our online studies!”  -  Programme Rep for Psychology  


“[I] successfully liaised with module tutor to organise 'surgery sessions' to receive feedback on a recent assessment with which the cohort struggled.”  - Programme Rep for Food Science and Human Nutrition


“Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, all 1st year nursing students have been removed from placement. As the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) require all students to complete at least 2300 hours of placement before qualifying, a lot of the students on my course had concerns about how we would reach this total after being removed from placement until at least September. I listened to all of their concerns and then voiced them to the programme staff, who have been working tirelessly with Health Education England and the NMC to resolve this issue.”  Programme Rep for Nursing  


“I set up a Facebook Group page and WhatsApp group for our course. The class is now communicating much better and we've even started having semester socials as a way to get to know each other better.”  - Programme Rep for Computer Science 


“I managed to push forward the Sustainability Agenda throughout the student voice at every opportunity. Sustainable Futures went from six attendees at the first session to 25 at the final one about SDG engagement.” - Programme Rep for Environmental Science


“Due to Covid19 there was a lack of access to resources and students were unable to carry out the assignments and practical work. A request was sent out by me to the programme leader for extensions for the modules affected. After discussing with the department, the issue was resolved by providing extensions for all those modules for all students”  - Programme Rep for Computer Networks and Cyber Security 


“I pushed for lecture notes [to be available] on Blackboard prior to lectures. Now all students have access to the lecture notes, not just those in need, so all can benefit from taking the notes into the lecture.”  - Programme Rep for Interior Architecture