Programme Reps make vital changes to your programme, through extending assignments, scrapping charges and building thriving course communities. They work with both staff and students to ensure all students get the most amazing academic experience whilst at uni.

As a rep you will have the chance to gain greater understanding of how your degree works, gain official LinkedIn and certificate endorsements from the Students’ Union, and develop the leadership skills that employers have told us they are looking for!

Interested in standing to represent your peers, your course and yourself? Speak to your Programme Leader today or E-mail us!

What is the role of a Programme Rep?  

Programme Reps are elected to represent their peers, ensure the student voice is heard and work towards ensuring students have the best experience whilst at Northumbria.  

They volunteer to act as the bridge between students and staff on their programme by: 

  • Speaking with students on their programme to learn their needs and views 

  • Speaking to their programme leader to advance their interest 

  • Siting on ‘Student Staff Programme Committees’ alongside their programme staff, to give the student perspective and contribute to decision making.  

  • Feeding back to their students about any developments and changes.  

  • Proposing changes that would benefit students and work with their programme staff and Northumbria Students union to introduce them.  

  • Working with other reps and Northumbria Students’ Union to address wider issues affecting