Reps can make vital changes to your programme, through extending assignments, scrapping charges and building thriving course communities.

They work with both staff and students to ensure YOU get the most amazing academic experience whilst at uni.

Find out the ins and outs of how your degree works, gain official LinkedIn and certificate endorsements from the Students’ Union, and develop the leadership skills that employers have told us they are looking for!   Nominations open 14th - 23rd October 2020 to become a Programme Rep for your course.*

Talk to your Programme Leader to find out more


leadership rep

Interested in becoming a Leadership Rep for the 2020-21 academic year? You can read all about our vacancies below, as well as download a recruitment pack with more information on the role descriptions and why you should become a rep. Sound good? Email stating your availability and up to three roles you’d like to apply for. Interviews will be conducted via video call on Microsoft Teams (if you need alternative arrangements, please let us know).



We have vacancies in the following areas:

Department Representatives (UG and PGT Students Only)

· Arts

· Design

· Maths, Physics and Electrical Engineering

· Applied Sciences

· Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation


Postgraduate Taught Representatives (Masters Students Only)

· Arts, Design and Social Sciences Faculty Lead


Postgraduate Research Representatives (PhD Students Only)

· Business and Law Faculty Lead

· Engineering and Environment Faculty Lead

· Women’s Students Lead

· Disabled Students Lead

· Distance Learner Lead


Students in Newcastle Forum

This Forum brings together local authorities, organisations, service and students to discuss the issues affecting students key members of Newcastle community.

Find out what was discussed in the previous academic year in your local community HERE.  And if it sounds like something you want to get involved in, email and make the student voice heard!