Vice President Postgraduate 

Rajkumar Chintakayala

I am the sabbatical officer that represents all PGT and PGR students, catering for their needs across activities, welfare and education.

 As Vice President Postgraduate, my work covers a range of areas from sitting on committees and focusing on education and ensure PGT and PGR students get the best student experience at Northumbria. I am keen to ensure that postgraduates know that the union is here for them, and making sure their voice is heard, and their ideas are taken forward and actioned wherever possible.

 I closely work with PGT and PGR reps to regularly obtain the feedback about the issues and concerns of students related to the education, welfare and activities and ensure that they are escalated appropriately to the relevant support service

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                                                             My work:

What I've completed

  • Organising comprehensive postgraduate Freshers for Sep 2020 intake. (Manifesto)
  • To provide proper guidance to Advanced Practise students (Sep 2019 intake who are going to take up AP module in Sep 2020) (Manifesto)
  • Trainings to new Leadership Reps & Program Reps for the year 2020-2021
  • Homesickness Campaign
  • Academic Misconduct Campaign
  •  Set up a fortnightly meeting series with PGT, Faculty Lead Reps Education & Advanced Practise Reps to discuss the issues/concerns of PGT students.
  • Recruited 7 new PGR Reps for the academic year 2020-2021 and meeting them on Fortnightly basis to discuss the issues of PGR students.


What I'm working on

  • Voice issues and concerns of PGR students (with the help of PGR Reps) to the university and support all PGR students during this difficult times.
  • Voice issues and concerns of Advanced Practise (AP) students (with the help of PGT/AP Reps) to the university and support all AP students.
  • Working with VP Sports (Rory Kavanagh) to involve more PG students in Northumbria Sports.
  • Working with Graduate features team & PGT/AP Reps to provide more employability opportunities & career skill improvement sessions to PG students.
  • Working with PGR reps to provide fair teaching opportunities to PGR students across all faculties.
  • Sitting on university committee meetings to make sure the voice of PG students is heard.
  • Departmental representation of PGR’s.
  • Guarantor Scheme for International students.
  • Assessment support sessions to PGT students (Manifesto)
  • Skill improvement sessions to PG students (arranged Academic writing skill session as a part of Academic Misconduct campaign). (Manifesto)


What I've got coming up

  • Academic Misconduct Campaign 2 in March 2021.
  • Homesickness Campaign 2 in March 2021.
  • PG students engagement in sports (Campaign) in 2021 (Semester 2).
  • Cheaper food on campus (If campus opens for all students in 2021 on Tier 1 basis). (Manifesto)
  • Better feedback opportunities to PGT & PGT Reps. PGR wellbeing project.

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