Vice President Postgraduate 

Rajkumar Chintakayala

I am the sabbatical officer that represents all PGT and PGR students, catering for their needs across activities, welfare and education.

My work covers a whole range of areas, from sitting on committees focusing on education to overseeing societies centred around postgraduate students.  As  Vice President Postgraduate, my work covers a range of areas from sitting on committees and focusing on education and ensure PGT and PGR students get the best student experience at Northumbria. I am keen to ensure that postgraduates know that the union is here for them, and making sure their voice is heard, and their ideas are taken forward and actioned wherever possible.

 I closely work with PGT and PGR reps to regularly obtain the feedback about the issues and concerns of students related to the education, welfare and activities and ensure that they are escalated appropriately to the relevant support service

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