Vice President Education

                                               Ava Sjoberg

I’m Ava, your Vice President Education.

I represent all students on all things education! I take the lead on any academic campaigns to support students and raise awareness of issues such as academic misconduct. I sit on many different committees including the Board of Governors and Education Analytics, to build and uphold a positive and engaging relationship with the university and the staff, speaking on behalf of issues that matter to students. This year I plan to support students to ensure that the return to campus learning provides an inclusive learning environment where all students can excel in their education.

I'm also the Sabbatical mentor for all academic representatives such as Programme Reps and Department Reps, empowering them to ensure your university experience is the best it can be and to support every student to fulfil their academic potential.


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                                              my work

What I'm working on

  • Proactively supporting students in their transition back to campus.
  • Ensuring that all students can undertake their education in a positive and inclusive learning environment.
  • Ongoing reviews of the PEC system to ensure that it is fit for purpose in an ever-changing climate.
  • Encouraging the review of the assessment format to mirror the real world and to assess the students’ way of thinking and problem-solving skills rather than memory retention.
  • Establishing a social-educational partnership with Newcastle University Students’ Union.


What I've got coming up

  • Many collaborative campaigns with the other Sabbs such as Academic Misconduct and Men’s Mental Health.

What I've completed


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