Vice President Activities 

lauren bell

I am the lead on Student Activities and Employability. In today’s workplace, a degree is not enough, to make you stand out from the crowd.

I am responsible for making sure that you graduate with the experience and skills you need to enhance your student experience and your future!

I support societies, through which you can meet people with the same interests as you, and even lead one - we have over 130 societies so why not Get Involved!

I lead on Freshers week with your Freshers Welcome Team and make sure that new students feel happy, safe and part of Northumbria.

I work with staff in the Union and the University to develop events, support research and lobby for things that will benefit your experience and make sure we are delivering what YOU want to see and what will help YOU with your future plans.


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My work:

What I've completed

Climate Change.

  • Approved the Police “Northumbria Students Union has declared a Climate Emergency” at Student Council.
  • Got our students union a seat at the table at the first Climate summit for Newcastle to discuss areas for change in the city.
  • Launched a “Green Recognition Scheme” to make societies focus more on being sustainable.
  • Ran “volunteer week” which had environmentally conscious activities i.e. litter pick in the city and receive a free hot drink, and bird feeders made from recyclable materials to name a few.
  • Attended a North east Unions climate Emergency meeting to represent the views of Northumbria.

Societies and Volunteering.

  • Refreshed the Recognition scheme for societies to make it easier for satellite societies to achieve a higher standard.
  • Brought in a Card Reader for societies to use at events to make ticket sales an easier process.
  • Website charge reduction from 50p to 10p.
  • Made the Society of the Month financial prize more attainable to more societies.


  • Planned the groundworks for Varsity with Northumbria Sport and NUSU.
  • Involved in the planning and implementation of the first Student Sport Council so sport clubs and teams can have a voice in the changes they want to see.
  • Year long research project into the benefits of a more student-led sport delivery and the outcome was the first VP Sport Sabb.
  • Ran the second successful this Girl Can with a focus on Free Sport.



  • Women In Leadership expanded (conference, more training packages, mentor opportunities, collaboration with external employers, online opportunities).
  • Research project into the value of volunteering and developed the Volunteering Module which offers formal recognition and addresses skillsets that employers want to see.
  • Worked with careers to make their package more accessible to a wider range of students.
  • Public Speaking workshop delivered by NSU and Teach First to address presentation anxieties.
  • Volunteer Week to encourage students to get involved in Micro-volunteering and the benefits it can have on the community
  • Event fund scheme launch - This initiative aimed to provide students, who are not currently in a society or sport club, to have the opportunity to receive funding from the Students Union to run an event that what impact the student population. A mental Health event was awarded £1000.



  • Campaign win: Annual supply, totalling one student’s tuition fee, of menstrual products to distribute for free to Northumbria Students to address Period Poverty at Northumbria.
  • Part of the development of the first Student Charter between NCL College, NUSU, Northumbria and the council which addresses the prioritise for the city in regards to making the student experience better.
  • Safety on a Night out in Newcastle I was becoming more aware of issues regarding students property being stolen in nightclubs and then door staff not doing anything to protect the vulnerable students who were left without a phone nor any money to make it home. I raised it at Students In Newcastle forum and this work Is now being dealt with the Police under Operation Oak.
  • Anonymous reporting feedback day in collaboration with the University   a feedback day about how we can support students come forward with issues that they need the university/SU to tackle.
  • Lobbied the University for technology support during Covid. University provided the most disadvantaged groups with a loan to buy a laptop to complete their education.


What I'm working on

  • Focussing on keeping the student community live despite the pandemic by setting up the Northumbria Corona Community, promoting society events and working with the different departments in the union to deliver events such as the Awards.
  • Working with the careers department about updating the support they can provide based on the information about placement issues and the risk of recession.
  • Working with the Deptuy Vice Chancellor to address student issues and concerns currently.
  • Getting Societies to host their own events on our Webpage to have more reach i.e. the Habita Quiz.
  • Annual Awards preparation to ensure our volunteers get the recognition they deserve.
  • Developing the Northumbria Sport and NSU partnership.
  • Supporting societies with AGM’s and the incoming committee members training package.
  • Planning on how to make Freshers 2020 great, even if social distancing is still in place.


What I've got coming up

.My time in the role is coming to an end (boohoo) so I’m making sure that the new VP Activities has a great handover and is prepared to take over confidently!

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