Manny Kabengele 

As President I am the key link between the University and the Students’ Union, representing your views in order to influence and make change. I meet with key staff in the University in order to ensure that the student experience at Northumbria is as good as it possibly can be. I also campaign on national issues to make sure that the voice of Northumbria students is heard. My key priority is to be here for students so if you’ve got any concerns that you want me to address then get in touch. 

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                                          My work:

What I've completed

  • Mental Wellbeing - I Worked with the other SABBS to promote Mental wellbeing awareness for all students. This was done through the activities conducted during wellbeing week. 
  • Had more events in the SU especially targeted towards different cultures 
  • Helped with the welcome and adjustments of international students  
  • Contributed towards the creation of the sport SABB role – I sat on the committee that decided on whether or not the sport sabb role would go forward.
  • I ran a successful Black History Month campaign – Black History Month was bigger and better than it had been in previous years.
  • Launched a leadership academy – At the beginning of last year students set the black attainment gap clearly as a priority for Education. Through many months of researching, planning and planning some more, I was able to launch the Black Leaders Project. Find out more via: and
  • I Helped with the engagement of Northumbria Students at the Amsterdam Campus – I had the pleasure of going to the Amsterdam campus, where I was able to work with the students and find ways that we can best enhance their experience.  We have devised ways in which we can ensure the students have a further positivie experiece. 
  • Increased funding for societies – There is more opportunities for societies to get the money they require for their events.


What I'm working on


  • Working with the university to ensure that students get the best possible experience despite the pandemic we're in right now.
  • Laying the ground works for varsity.
  • I want you  to have a clear idea as to what the union and the university do to ensure you’re leaving here with the best possible chance of success in your future careers, especially with everything going on right now still want to ensure students are at the forefront.
  • Black Leaders Project - Is the leadership academy I launched and at the moment I'm working with the mentors and black students to decide how we can take it a step up next year, and I'm also doing a quiz every week via the students union page.


What I've got coming up


  • You'll just have to see won't you ?? All you need to know right now is, everything that is coming is going to be bigger and better! Ground works have started so when more work goes into them, I will start revealing, but for now I will leave you on a cliff hanger!  #SmartCardsInYourSmartPhones maybe? Who knows!


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