We understand that Postgraduate Research (PhD) students’ experiences are very different, and we support a bespoke representation system for this cohort. This system is led by our Vice President Postgraduate, Rajkumar Chintakayala, and a team of volunteers in a mix of faculty-specific and thematic roles. These Leadership Reps work closely with the PGR Directors, Graduate School and academic supervisors to address the unique issues faced by PhD students.


Your Faculty Lead Reps are:

Arts, Design and Social Sciences: Julia Ditter – julia.ditter@northumbria.ac.uk

Business and Law: Fauhan Latheef fauhan.latheef@northumbria.ac.uk

Engineering and Environment: VACANT – Find out how to apply here!

Health and Life Sciences: Patrick Swain - patrick.swain@northumbria.ac.uk

Your Strategic Lead Reps are:

Mental Health and Wellbeing: Derianna Thomas – derianna.thomas@northumbria.ac.uk

Mental Health and Wellbeing: Charlotte Emmerson - charlotte.r.e.emmerson@northumbria.ac.uk

Women Students: Beth Brigham beth.brigham@northumbria.ac.uk

LGBTQ* Students: VACANT – Find out how to apply here!

Disabled Students: VACANT – Find out how to apply here!

International Students: Raphael Eichie – raphael.eichie@northumbria.ac.uk

Part-Time Students: Emma Catan - emma.catan@northumbria.ac.uk

Distance Learner Students: VACANT – Find out how to apply here!


Want to become part of our rep team and make a difference for students? Email su.reps@northumbria.ac.uk or message us on Facebook; we’ll be happy to hear from you!