Our Satellite Campuses are unique and have their own representation to make sure the views of students are heard. Our reps are the voice of students at both London and Amsterdam Campus, meeting with staff to speak up for students on their programme and everyone studying at the campus.

Each cohort of every course has a Programme Rep, someone who meets with staff from your programme to present the student view and to help build strong communication between staff and students. They volunteer, giving up their time to get the best University experience for students on your programme.


You can find your Programme Rep through the My Reps section of your Student Portal.

We also have Campus Reps speaking up for all students at both London and Amsterdam, who work with senior University managers to make sure student views are heard. They also work with our Sabbatical Officers and the Leadership Rep team to ensure Satellite Campuses play a key part in the Students’ Union’s overall student representation.

London Campus had 5 Campus Reps, each with their own lead area. They make up your London Campus Committee and are there to represent your needs and have a positive impact on your time studying with us.


Your London Campus Committee is

Stephanie Martinez (Student Experience Lead) - stephanie.s.m.romero@northumbria.ac.uk

Dhrumil Bhasvar (Employability Lead) - dhrumil.bhavsar@northumbria.ac.uk

Ajayi Mercy (Social and Activity Lead) - mercy.ajayi@northumbria.ac.uk

Dasha Troitskaya (Comms and Social Media Lead) - daria.troitskaya@northumbria.ac.uk

Singavajjula Santhosh Kumar (Wellbeing Lead) - santhosh.singavajjula@northumbria.ac.uk


Sabbatical Officer Lead- James Slater- su.activities@northumbria.ac.uk


Your Amsterdam Campus Reps are:

Jessica Burton - jessica.a.burton@northumbria.ac.uk  

Anja Pankretic - anja.pankretic@northumbria.ac.uk  


Sabbatical Officer Lead-  Rajkumar Chintayala- su.postgraduate@northumbria.ac.uk