Your su leaders 


             VP Welfare                        VP Activities                      VP Education                       President                            VP Sport                       VP Post Graduate      

    The Sabbatical Officers or ‘Sabbs’ are a team of six students, elected by you to run your Students' Union. They sit on both Student Council and the Board of Trustees and are responsible for ensuring strong student leadership of NSU.


Academic Representation



   Arts, Design and Social Sciences                     Business and Law                    Engineering and Environment                                                           



       Health and Life Sciences                     London & Amsterdam Campus                Postgraduate Research                              

Each Rep speaks up for students, acting as a bridge between staff and students on their programme and in their department and faculty. Many Reps have secured major improvements to the way the University teaches and supports students. Your Rep gives us their time, free of charge, to make a difference to your education.


Student council 

Our Student Council makes sure the voice of students is heard loud and clear. It sets policy and political priorities, coordinates campaigns, and holds the Sabb Team to account. Click the image to find out more.