This platform is a place where any student can share any idea, big or small, to improve your university experience.  Ideas can be up or down voted and commented on so that we can see which ideas lots of students agree with; so when you submit an idea, make sure you share it with your friends so they can vote on it and it can become a reality.  

Ideas that have lots of up votes or comments are taken to Student Exec where they are discussed and can be made into policy or a campaign. If you want to come to the Exec meeting your idea will be discussed at, email and we will let you know when this is.

There isn’t a set number of votes an idea needs before it is discussed at Student Exec, some ideas may effect a small number of students in a big way so would naturally get less votes. By commenting on ideas you can let us know why this idea should be implemented.

So get thinking and let us know what changes you want to see on campus and in the wider student movement.

Student Ideas 2017/18

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Moderation statement:

Northumbria Students’ Union values free speech and recognises that debate and lively discussion are important parts of any democratic organisation.  With this in mind, we aim to moderate discussion on this platform only where absolutely necessary.  Posts warranting moderation include those which we consider to breach our Equality and Diversity Policy, our No Platform Policy, our Dignity at Work Policy, or our overall aim to create a democratic environment free from abuse, intimidation or harassment.  If you are concerned about any posts on this site, please email