Thinking of visiting another UK university to learn a bit more about your subject, your volunteer role or a challenge affecting your University?

PICNIC is a short-term UK university exchange scheme. At NSU we receive visitors from other UK institutions and offer our students the opportunity to undertake a visit of between one day and one week. Students who undertake a PICNIC exchange are funded by the Students’ Union and follow up on their visit by working with us on how to take forward work on the key themes they explored on their visit.

We’re looking for applications to undertake a visit during March 2018, to one of our partner institutions in this scheme. You can find them listed here:

You can apply by emailing this form to and we’re always happy to hear from you if you’d like more information.

Please note that in order to fund students’ visits, we can only accept a certain number of applications each year so this is a competitive application process. Please note that we may also offer shorter visits, or more local visits, in order to control the costs of the scheme.