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About Us

Help those born before personal computers to grasp the nature of laptops, smartphones, and the wonders of the Internet!

Commodore PET in 1983 (at American Museum of Science and Energy), an early example of a personal computer

We are Project ICE - IT Classes for Elders!

Winners of the “Project of the Year” in 2014 and "Society of the Month" in 2018, we have also been recognised externally by Go On UK Digital Skills, Digital Leaders Top 100 List, and Truth about Youth PoSBO.

Working in conjunction with the Elders Council, we meet once a fortnight for 2 hours and help older people get the best out of their technology.

The tasks range from teaching how to download music, to sending emails, using search engines, and even editing poetry!

You don't need to be a computer expert to join the project - you know how things work already!

This project will hone and showcase your patience, active listening, and extend your abilities to explain IT concepts in simple and understandable terms to those for whom swiping a touch screen may be a new thing.





Project ICE Volunteering Session
Squires Building, 107
Help people born before personal computers to get the best out of technology!
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