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About Us


Welcome to the Northumbria Needs Society Page! We are a charity-based society established in March 2021. Our aim is to support good causes all over the North East, including food banks, refugees, students in hardship, individual families in crisis and retirement homes- but this list isn't exclusive! 

Being part of our society means getting involved/ supporting the projects we are working on. For example, during Easter we conducted an Easter Egg collection where we managed to donate 184 eggs to 6 different organisations across the North East. We intend, as a society, to continue theme driven collections of items which people don't necessarily think to donate!

Additionally, we plan to personally undertake volunteering opportunities wherever we find them and encourage others to do the same! 

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Instagram: @northumbrianeeds



  • Hi everyone! My name is Robin, I am the President and founder of the Northumbria Needs Society! I am mega passionate about being hands on helpful, I absolutely love planning events with my committee/members and look forward to meeting the new members this year, having fun and giving back to those within our community that need it the most!
  • Hey Everyone! My name is Tilda and I am Vice President and co founder of the Northumbria Needs Society! I am excited to get the society up and running, giving back to those in the community who need it the most! I'm looking forward to meeting new members this year and continuing to create such a wholesome, positive society!
  • Hi! My name is Rebecca and I am Events Coordinator of the Northumbria Needs Society! I am looking forward to organising events for this society in the next academic year and getting involved in charity work to make a difference around the university and the local community! 
  • Hey everyone! My name is Lakota and I am the Secretary of the Northumbria Needs Society! I will be responsible for keeping you all up to date with our latest events and news. Keep an eye out for emails from us! I can't wait to meet you all and become active members of the community!