All of our strands, TV, Radio, Snaps and Life are all run by students, check out the Media Committee Members below.

Victoria Potter - Station Manager & Post Production Coordinator
Theo Ravenhill - Station Manager & Technical Coordinator

Ina Hristova - Head of NSU/Snaps
Maksi Thompson - Editing and Technical Coordinator
Anna Kemp - Events Coverage Coordinator

Steve Poolton - Station Manager
Natalie Martin - Production Liaison 
Matthew Johnston - Production Liaison
Sally Watson - Creative Controller
Lily-Rose Lenton - Technical Officer

Alex Waterson - Editor
Lucy Twist - Sub-Editor
Sally Watson - Sub-Editor
Ryan Wallace - Sub-Editor
Amy Holt - Sub-Editor
Katy Sylvester - Sub-Editor


Events and Socials 

Reza Syahputra - Recruitment of Volunteers
Danny Frost - Social Media Coordinator
Tyler Sumnall - Head of Events and Socials
Diana Neagu - Graphic Designer