Volunteer with NSU/ Community

Thu 04 Jan 2018

With the New Year approaching and the first semester over employability once you graduate is on everyone's mind. Volunteering with the Students Union is a great way to increase your employability, NSU/Community offers a variety of opportunities to do so.

The Great British Bake Off Review

Sat 24 Mar 2018

JUDAS gig review 16/03/18

Sat 24 Mar 2018

After playing the main stage at Leeds and Reading two years in a row, London based indie rock outfit JUDAS returned to the Nemix last Friday night with an energetic and intimate welcome. Here's how it turned out.

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Coach Lane Freshers Fair

Wed 16 Aug 2017

JUDAS interview 16/03/18

Sat 24 Mar 2018

Before their gig at the Nemix last Friday, we got around to conducting an interview with London based indie quartet JUDAS on topics such as their sound, their recent releases, and their performances at Leeds and Reading main stage two years in a row.