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You aren't the same as your bestie, enemy or crazy sibling! We have created our very own quiz to find out what sort of Northumbria student you are. We have developed eight “Golden Questions” which when processed through a complex algorithm, indicate the Tribe to which you most relate. We can then use this to make sure our communication with you is about things you are more likely to be interested in - if we get this right, it could mean the end of spam, imagine that! 

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Societies – It’s not too late to join a society

Feeling a bit lonely during Uni? Wanting to make more friends? Want to add some excitement into your life? Then join a Society today! We have something for everyone, from a Harry Potter society, to Snow Sports society, and even academic societies which could help you! If you search through all the societies and you still can't find something which takes your interest- why not make your own?! 

Greenhouse – Join us on Instagram to stay up to date

If you’re looking for ethical, fresh, healthy food as well as sustainable and locally sourced refreshments, then look no further than The Greenhouse. Located on the ground floor of NSU, the café will offer everything from salads and soups to smoothies and small bites.

Our café also aims to help the community, we have partnered with charity, Change Please who reinvests in homeless charities through coffee sales. What’s more, the money we make through our venues is put back into YOUR Students’ Union to make sure that your student experience is the best it can be, whether that is extra funding for societies, improving our facilities or better entertainment and events.

P.s If you like us before we hit 500 followers, you'll be in a draw to win a hot drink and 'something sweet' 

live premier league football - join us in habita

If you’re a sport lover there’s nothing better than getting together at your local with your mates to watch the match. We show all major football fixtures from Premier League to Champions League and cup finals in Habita, on our big screen plasmas throughout the bar. If football’s not your thing we also show Rugby, Cricket, boxing, you name it - if it’s on we’ll make it happen for you!