What to do if you are self-isolating

If you are self-isolating, you will NOT be able to access this service.

But don’t worry!

We believe No Student Should Go Hungry, so please see below for alternative support:

I am self-isolating in University or private accommodation.

The University have set up a system to support students who are self-isolating, whether they are a confirmed case or are isolating as a precautionary measure.

To access this support you will first need to advise the University  that you are self-isolating through our online Report. Record. Support. form


Click HERE for further details on how to complete this form.

Complete the form HERE

From here, a member of the Student Welfare team will contact you regarding a number of initiatives in place to support you during your period of isolation. This includes support with food and personal hygiene items as well as academic and wellbeing support.

The University has organised the Northumbria Concierge service to provide you (free of charge) with a food delivery that will support you during your period of isolation. These food parcels contain the essential supplies you require, such as fresh fruit and vegetables and staple food cupboard items. You are able to select a box which will suit your dietary requirements where possible.

It’s vital that you register immediately with the service to ensure that you receive your requested delivery as soon as possible (usually up to 72 hours from date of registration). Registration details will be emailed to you once you have filled in the Report, Record, Support form (above).

Before this service is provided, you will need to declare that you are isolating and abiding by government requirements. You are able to opt out of this service if you wish, but should be aware that no alternative support or financial package will be available.

You will be contacted by Circles, who operate the concierge service, to tell you when your food parcel is being delivered.

You will also receive weekly welfare calls from the University’s Student Welfare team, who will route you into other University support services as required.

If you are living in accommodation which is shared by both Northumbria and Newcastle University students, please refer to your own university for the support package they provide.

Support is also available to you if you are at our London and Amsterdam campuses. Please follow the same process to advise us that you are self-isolating through our online Report. Record. Support. form. and our Student Welfare team will be in touch to discuss your needs