The Student Charter applies to all students and all programmes. It is a summary of the University's aspirations for all students and has been developed in partnership with the Students’ Union. Northumbria University and the Students' Union are committed to delivering a good student experience.

Northumbria University ask you to:

  • Actively engage with your learning including:
    • Attend all timetabled sessions
    • Dedicate sufficient time to directed and independent study
    • Participate fully in collaborative and group learning
    • Submit formative and summative assessments on time
  • Ensure you are aware of University regulations, policies and procedures including those relating to academic integrity and the avoidance of academic misconduct
  • Participate in all opportunities to receive feedback on your assessed work as well as opportunities to give feedback on your learning experience through questionnaires and student representative structures
  • Keep up to date the personal information the University holds about you
  • Seek support and advice in the event of academic and personal difficulties
  • Treat your peers, staff and members of the local community with respect, dignity and courtesy at all times
  • Treat University resources and facilities with respect
  • Enjoy your time with Northumbria!

The University will provide:

  • Learning and teaching experiences characterised by:
    • High quality programmes whose content is informed by research, contemporary practice and opportunities to gain employability skills
    • Approaches which are stimulating and recognise the diversity of the student body
    • Academic staff who are committed to their own professional development and the professional and personal development of you
    • Internationalisation and an awareness of the importance of global and cultural variation
    • Challenging assessment tasks, complemented by fair and transparent marking with constructive and timely feedback 
  • Induction and welcome back sessions to help your learning transitions
  • A programme handbook and module guides, including written assessment briefs
  • Access to programme and module learning materials and relevant specialist resources
  • Feedback on your assessments within 20 working days and opportunities for additional feedback on your performance
  • A personal tutor and opportunities to meet with module tutors
  • Accurate, transparent and timely information on costs, programme and module information, programme changes and regulatory information
  • Opportunities for you to comment on your student experience, including your experience of each module.

NSU will:

  • Welcome you to Northumbria!
  • Offer a vast range of societies, projects and volunteering opportunities for you to have fun, make friends and enhance your CV
  • Give you the chance to democratically elect students who will lead your Students’ Union and campaign on your behalf
  • Champion your interests and represent your views and opinions to the University, the local community, and at a national level
  • Work in partnership with the University to enrich your experience and provide you with the best education possible
  • Provide you with an independent and confidential advice service to advise you on a wide variety of academic issues
  • Give you an environment in which to meet your friends, enjoy some down time or work in a comfortable and relaxing space.