The Trustee Board of NSU is responsible for setting the direction of the Union and ensuring that we have a clear strategy, comply with the law and are financially sound.

The Board is made up of 13 members:

  • 5 x Sabb Officers (Elected students)
  • 4 x Student Trustees (any current student that is appointed to the Board for 1-year)
  • 4 x External Trustees (non-students that bring external expertise and experience to the Board)

Who are our Trustees?

Sabbatical Trustees

  • Simon Noble - Chair
  • Karl Robson
  • Tally Kerr
  • Ryan Bush
  • Kristy Weegram

Student Trustees

  • Cameron Giles
  • Katie Huthinson
  • Kahina Le Louvier
  • Alistair Purdy

Non-Student Trustees

  • Tim Hill
  • Claire Long
  • Alastair Kelly
  • Andrew Harvey

Fancy being a Student Trustee for 2017/18? Email: to register your interest.