Bought too much? Moving out of your accommodation? Just have loads of stuff you don’t want? Don’t know what to do with it?

2020 update: Due to COVID 19 the British Heart Foundation are unable to run their annual Pack for Good campaign.

Council waste collection services are running as normal or with restrictions


Why use pack for good?


  1. Reputation of students – you may be moving out of Newcastle, but rubbish left by students in bins and on the streets is one of the main causes of complaints by local residents. Helping dispose of your unwanted items properly helps the reputation of students and it is fair for local residents as it reduces pressure on local services such as bin collection  which have faced big cuts in recent years as the Council budget is reduced.
  2. Less landfill – clothes, shoes, electrical items - anything you throw out is going to go straight to landfill. Over the past six years that BHF has run the scheme it has saved over 2,200 tons of unwanted items going into the ground
  3. Benefits us all – all your unwanted goods will get a home and in doing so that helps British Heart Foundation in their work which in turn helps us all.


What can I donate?

Most things including clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, books, computer games, CDs, DVDs and bric-a-brac.

A few can’t for safety or legal reasons

  • Food
  • Sharp objects including cooking knives
  • Duvets
  • Pillows
  • Bedding
  • Soiled or damaged clothing

How do I do it?

You’ll need to have a bag to put your items in.

You can collect large BHF bags from the Students’ Union at City or Coach Lane or any of the University halls of residence or you can use your own plastic ones.

To ensure the items are not damaged or get dirty, please tie each bag so that the contents do not fall out.


Where does the bag go?

Put the items you want to donate in the bag and take it to one of the drop off points;

  • The Students’ Union at City or Coach Lane,
  • Winn Studios
  • Claude Gibb Hall
  • Lovaine Flats and Halls
  • Glenmara House
  • New Bridge Street
  • Stephenson Building
  • Trinity Square

Don’t live in halls? BHF have collection points around the city

  • Studley Terrace NE4 5PA
  • Wretham Place NE2 1XU
  • Cheltenham Terrace NE6 5HR
  • Napier Street NE2 1XJ
  • Hotspur Street NE6 5BH
  • Lyndhurst Avenue NE23LJ
  • Brentwood Avenue NE2 3DH
  • Heaton Park Road NE6 5PR
  • Newington Road NE6 5BD

What if I have something BHF won’t take or it’s too large, like furniture?

  • You’ll need to take it to Council point or arrange a bulky item pick up