Our Student Charter

This Charter applies to all students and all programmes at all locations. It is a summary of the University's aspirations for all students and has been developed in partnership with the Students’ Union. Northumbria University and the Students' Union are committed to delivering an excellent student experience for all.

"In partnership, Northumbria University and Northumbria Students’ Union will undertake to encourage staff and student behaviours underpinned by values of equity, diversity, fairness, collegiality and a concern for ethical behaviour and for the welfare of individuals within the University and wider society, and to uphold standards in order that students can be justifiably proud of their achievements and the value of a Northumbria award.

Enjoy your time at Northumbria!"

Joint Statement from the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Andrew Wathey, and the Students’ Union President, Simon Noble


Northumbria Students

We ask you to:

  • Actively engage with your learning opportunities both inside and outside of the University
  • Ensure you are aware of University regulations, policies and procedures
  • Participate in all opportunities to receive feedback on your assessed work as well as opportunities to give feedback on your learning experience
  • Keep your University record up to date
  • Engage with the academic and personal support advice services offered
  • Treat your peers, staff and members of the local community with respect, dignity and courtesy at all times
  • Show respect for University resources and facilities
  • Retain contact with the University after graduation, embracing a lifelong partnership with Northumbria University

Northumbria University

We will provide:

  • Opportunities for you to be involved in a supportive and academically enriching community characterised through research-rich learning supported by the best technology available.
  • A high quality, challenging and stimulating learning experience focused around graduate outcomes
  • Support from academic staff who are committed to your academic and personal development and their own professional development
  • Access to resources for learning, and a range of student support and wellbeing services offering specialist advice and support which is inclusive to all
  • Induction and welcome back sessions; supported by a programme handbook, guides and resources relevant to your studies.
  • Feedback on your assessments and performance (within 20 working days) to help you develop during your time here
  • A personal tutor or supervisor, and opportunities to meet with tutors and other staff
  • Accurate, transparent and timely information about your programme
  • Opportunities for you to develop your career and employability, including opportunities to explore enterprise and self-employment
  • Opportunities for you to feedback on your whole student experience

Northumbria Students’ Union

We will:

  • Welcome you to Northumbria!
  • Offer a vast range of societies, projects and volunteering opportunities for you to have fun, make friends and enhance your CV
  • Champion your interests and represent your views and opinions to the University, the local community, and at a national level
  • Give you the chance to democratically elect students who will represent your programme, lead your Students’ Union, and campaign on your behalf
  • Work in partnership with the University to enrich your experience and provide you with the best education possible
  • Provide an independent and confidential advice service to support you on a wide variety of academic issues
  • Give you comfortable and relaxing space in which to meet your friends, enjoy some down time, and build professional and social networks