Your data is important to us

Northumbria Students’ Union is a membership organisation. This means ensuring Northumbria students have the best experience during their studies, from representing your academic interests to making you more employable to getting the most out of life on campus. To do this we use data transferred to us by the University to make it easy for you to access our services. We also employ staff, work with suppliers and have customers for our commercial services so the information on this page is for those people too. 

The way we manage and process your data is governed by the Data Protection Act 1998. This page explains how we manage your information to comply with the law and what this means for you. We are committed to being transparent with you and ensuring you know how your data is being used.

Our policy

Please read our Data Protection and Information Security Policy. This is supported by an extensive handbook available to all staff along with training and regular review.


What data do we process?

Broadly we process data from four groups of people. Students, consumers of our services whether students or not, staff of the Union and from suppliers and contractors.

For each group we have written a privacy statement saying exactly how we will be using data we have about you:

Student Data Privacy Statement

Consumer Data Privacy Statement

Employee Data Privacy Statement

Supplier/Contractor/Client Data Privacy Statement

NULets Customer Privacy Statement


Accessing your Data

The Students' Union is not a publicly funded body so not subject to FOI requests however every individual has a right to control the data we hold on themselves. Our privacy statements outline how to complete a subject access request. Download Access Request Form.


Our legal basis for processing your data


As a staff, third party or possibly student you will likely have a contract with us when you use our services which allows us to facilitate our obligations to you.


We may ask you to consent to us processing your data for marketing purposes, CCTV coverage or engaging with our platforms.


We are obliged by various laws including the Education Act, Contracts Act and employment law to process certain data.

Legitimate Interest

We process information received by the University for the intent of giving you access to services and information integral to your time as a student at Northumbria. We also carefully balance your rights when we think there is a legitimate interest in us processing data to support you.

Marketing preferences

The Union and our social enterprises carefully curate marketing and communications that might be relevant to you. Sometimes we need to send essential information where we believe there is a legitimate interest in you receiving this.

Our privacy statements detail more information about how we use your data to communicate with you or where you have given consent send you marketing. We use cookies to provide a tracking service of your usage with our website you should read our guidance on Cookies

We always provide a way to opt out in our communications without affecting your membership and we will never sell your data to third parties. 

More Information

It's important you understand your data rights and we recommend you visit the ICO Website for more information.