City Campus Located in Newcastle City Centre, NSU is set in the heart of the Northumbria University Campus. It is home to award winning bars, venues and it’s the heart of all our student activities and events. If you’ve been into the Students’ Union before, it'll all be familiar. If not, here’s a breakdown of what’s on each floor.

What will you find here?

Ground Floor

  • Habita
  • Habita is our stylish café-bar that serves food, drink (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). It's a popular place to meet friends, hear live music and watch some sporting action. FIND OUT MORE HERE.
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 2 is our purpose-built performance area, a favourite of performance students thanks to the bespoke, state-of-the-art AV and lighting set up.

And more...The Ground Floor is also home to our student letting agency, NU:LETs; the Welcome Desk  and The Base where our membership services team is based, here you’ll find our Student Advice and Representation Service and Student Activities, where you can join one of 100+ societies. There is now a private room in City Campus Students’ Union that can be used by students for breast feeding and/or expressing. If you would like to use this room, please visit the Students’ Union Welcome Desk and they will be happy to help.


First Floor

This is where you’ll find your Sabbatical Officers, who are elected by students to run the Union. Our biggest venue, Domain can be found here, where we house club nights, gigs and other events including our Annual Awards. The first floor is also a place where you can ‘Escape’ from it all and chill out on our sofas or catch up on uni work on the computers throughout the room.





Second Floor

Climb one more flight of stairs (or get the lift if you prefer!) to the Second Floor and you will come across Reds Bar. Like Domain, we host a variety of events, gigs and club nights in Reds. There are also lots of computers here which provide a slightly more social alternative to the library for getting Uni work done.







City Site

2 Sandyford Rd

Newcastle upon Tyne