About your NSU in Amsterdam

You have chosen to study at an amazing University in a wonderful City. Your Students’ Union is here to represent your views and to make sure your time at Northumbria is the best it can be.

Read our Essential Student Guide here for more information about our services and activities at your campus.

NSU (Northumbria Students’ Union) is here to support you during your studies with Northumbria. We visit Amsterdam each term and organise events and activities when we are there and throughout the year. You can contact us via email or MS Teams and you should definitely check out the rest of our website to see what else we’ve got going on. Lots of our activities and services offer a virtual/online option!

Rajkumar Chintakayala your Vice President Post-Graduate is your lead Sabbatical Officer. Anna Thompson is your Student Engagement Coordinator on our staff team. You can contact Raj or Anna with any questions, ideas, support needs or, just for a chat:

Raj Chintakayala: su.postgraduate@northumbria.ac.uk

Anna Thompson: anna3.thompson@northumbria.ac.uk

You can also contact us at: su.enquiries@northumbria.ac.uk Please be sure to let us know you are studying in Amsterdam.



Check out our Impact Report  to help you understand what NSU does and how we have a positive impact on the lives of all our students.