Every year over 3,000 students volunteer over 50,000 hours across hundreds of different volunteering roles here at NSU. From Department Reps and Freshers’ Team to Nightline and Society Committees, the hard work of students leads to the success of dozens of societies, projects, events, which all help enhance the university experience.

NSU recognises that work and achievement in lots of different ways:

You can find out more about all of those by following the links below.

Your Employability

These awards recognise all the hard work and achievement of students and it is often this that makes you attractive to employers, not necessarily your degree. The skills you develop as a volunteer, the experience and the achievements you can show will all help you stand out at application stage and be relevant at interview. Find out more at our employability page.

Awards season

We have three big awards nights every year; Education Awards, Activities Awards and Annual Awards.

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