the National Student Survey is open!

Final years: Are you a Happy chappy, Eagle Eye or a Quick off the mark-er? Whatever your survey style, we want to know as we get your feedback as part of the NSS 2019

From 04 February, all final-year students are asked to share their feedback of their experiences at Northumbria University as part of the National Student Survey (NSS). Your feedback is vital to help the University to deliver improvements where you feel that they could be made.

The University works in partnership with the Students’ Union to bring the changes you’ve highlighted – did you know that your feedback has led to these changes (amongst many others) since you started Uni?

  • Bigger and better study spaces at City Campus Library including the new Library Digital Commons in the Northumberland Building and development of learning spaces at Coach Lane Library.
  • Upgraded and refurbished teaching rooms across all Campuses
  • Upgraded Blackboard to provide a more personalised experience with quicker access to important information
  • Improved University Library’s reading list service focused on making it easier for students to navigate and interact with online reading lists and access resources.
  • Enhanced information about learning resources and tips on assessment emailed directly to students from senior University staff
  • We worked with the University to make sure that there is a standard response time of three working days from staff to reply to your questions
  • Using your feedback, we also increased the number of modules that accept assessment submissions electronically and improved the way you find available study spaces

How do I fill my survey out?

You’ll receive an email with a link to your survey from Ipsos MORI, who run the survey on behalf of all universities. You can also access your survey at  

If you have any queries about the surveys, please ask a member of the team at NSU or speak to your programme reps and lecturers.