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Students, you can vote from anywhere


Did you know if you’re a UK citizen you can pretty much cast your vote from anywhere in the world? So that means if you’re studying away from home you can still cast your vote and exercise your democratic right.

To vote in any UK election you first need to be registered on the Electoral Register. You’ve probably never registered to vote before as it’s often carried out by the homeowner who confirms details of everyone that lives at that address. You can now register at your home address and your term-time address (as long as they’re both in two different local authority areas).

Registering to vote at your term-time address, enables you to cast your vote in Newcastle. You are considered a resident of the city and if eligible, you’ll be able to vote at a polling station near to where you reside.

You can also improve your credit score by registering to vote and being included on the Electoral Register. If lenders are able to confirm your name and address, this can help when applying for a loan, mobile phone contract or even a mortgage. If you’re not registered to vote then you may be rejected for credit later on in life.

Voting is your democratic right, it’s your voice, it’s your chance to make a difference, to stand up for issues you care about, it’s an opportunity to make a change.

It’s easy to register to vote and takes only a few minutes to do online, you just need to go to


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