Know Your Rights – LAs, PECs

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Did you know if you have been affected by Covid-19 the University are granting short term extension but with no need for evidence?

If you are experiencing difficulties in submitting or completing your assessments, you have two options of letting the University know.


Late Authorisations (Extensions)

If you would like more time on an assessment and you feel that you could successfully complete your assessments if an extended deadline was agreed, you would need to submit a late authorisation request via the student portal.  For further information, please see under the, ‘Help and Support’ section of your student portal, ‘Applying for a deadline extension’

When is the deadline to submit a claim?

Standard Assessments Deadline 22nd January 2021

Standard assessments fall into the upcoming period from 28th September 2020 – 22nd January 2021 

Non-Standard Assessments. Deadline: Date of your final assessment


PEC (Personal Extenuating Circumstances)

If you have submitted your assessment or missed a deadline but you feel it was affected by unforeseen and unpreventable circumstances in your life, you can formally let the University know by a PEC claim through your student portal.  For further information, please see ‘Experiencing difficulties in completing or submitting your assessment’

New information related to COVID-19

We are aware that all students have received an email from the University that contains information about PEC deadline on the 17th December 2020. This email contains new information related to COVID-19 and circumstances that are now considered that may not have been in the past.  The email explains that if you have been affected by COVID-19, the University are granting short are granting short term extensions and you can apply in the normal way via your Portal but with no need for evidence.  

For further information about, we advise that you to fully read this email.

If you have any questions, please contact our Advice Team at

As we are approaching the winter assessment period, we are emailing all students to explain the Personal Extenuating Circumstances (PEC) procedure and deadlines.


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