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NSU/Community is a student led branch of the SU that focuses on offering volunteering opportunities to students to help the Newcastle Community. We consist of different projects that offer unique opportunities. By volunteering with us not only do you get to have a lot of fun  and meet new people but any hours that you log go to your HEAR transcript at the end of the year. Whether you like gardening or IT there is something for everyone.

What our projects are about, some quotes from the project committees:

The Ouseburn Farm Project:

“This project is about volunteering at the Ouseburn farm which is a local charitable organisation. We help out with a variety of activities including gardening, animal care and fundraising sessions to help the farm carry out its fantastic work in the community.”

-Shannon Richardson


Project ICE:

“Project ICE is a fortnightly project which helps teach older people how to use technology. There is no set curriculum, members of the public come to the session with a specific goal in mind and we try our best to help them to achieve that. It is really rewarding to be involved in a project like this which encourages the young and old to work together and you can see what a difference your help makes.”

-Melissa Brazier


Hospital Arts:

"The Hospital Arts project, which is based at North Tyneside General Hospital, provides patients with creative and enjoyable workshops to help improve their experience in hospital. This is a great opportunity to gain professional experience. So if you’re interested in benefitting the lives of others through music, dance, arts and crafts Hospital Arts is the project for you.”

-Sarah Hodgson



Although not an official project you can come to the allotment sessions and do some gardening everything grown goes to The People’s Kitchen.


Knitting Project:

“A student led knitting group, we take part in community or charity knitting projects. Whether you have been a knitter for years or just want to learn everyone is welcome.”

-Mariana Kassapi


Tea Part Project:

“The Tea Party Project brings volunteers and residents of Sutherland Court Care home together around once a month. We visit the residents, play bingo, chat with them and eat cake. It adds not only to the residents day but to the volunteers as well- its really close to my heart. Next semester we are going to try to get an event confirmed every month and I’d love to see loads of new faces”

-Sophie Atkinson



Meet and Learn English in Newcastle (MALNEC) is an English language group for refugees and people seeking asylum and allows them to develop their speaking skills in a relaxed environment. They will hopefully start activity in the New Year.



“Marrow is the student group of the charity Anthony Nolan, we fundraise for them and sign people up to the stem cell register. Without Anthony Nolan’s lifesaving work many people with blood cancer and blood disorders would be unable to receive the stem cell transplant they need.”

-Blythe Wright


Lend an Arm:

“We are a group a students who want to help save as many people as possible. How? We are going to aim to get as many students in and around Northumbria University signed up to the blood donation register and giving blood”

-Hattie Hunter-Purvis


NSU/Community recently finished the annual Community Week where volunteers get the opportunity to participate in many different volunteering opportunities

Here are some things our volunteers had to say about Community Week:

“Community Week was a fantastic experience. I had a great time working with many kind and friendly friends”

-Andrew Alford

“Community week was a wonderful and fun experience in which I felt that we all became a big family that helped each other and had fun together. I’ve met interesting new people that now I can call my friends and discovered that with a little push you can go along way”

-Sabina Irimia


To sign up to NSU/Community simply sign up on the SU website from the NSU/ Community page https://www.mynsu.co.uk/getinvolved/community/

or email us at su.community.volunteering@northumbria.ac.uk


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