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Every single day, we start something new. Think about it. Whether it is the new day we are starting, the new space we choose to step in or the news we will hear it is all change. Every single day we grow older, every minute in fact, thus change is perpetual and unavoidable. I hear so many people say they are afraid of change or they do not like it. In fact, I say it (to myself) quite a lot. I am a planner, I sometimes can be spontaneous but that is rare, for no reason other than I like to prepare for the change. I feel much more at ease knowing change is coming than not knowing and it then happening unexpectedly.

It goes without saying we can’t always prepare for change. Change occasionally creeps up on us and bites us in the bum, but the change is something we can always learn from. The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but building the new. Up until quite recently I was stuck in a lifestyle, a routine, a comfortable place for over a year. I say ‘stuck’ with caution, for up until the change I was happy and more than accepting of my way of life and hoped it continued. But the change needed to happen I just didn’t know at the time. I was blind to the damage I was receiving every single day.

When the change happened (suddenly and with immediate effect) I felt as though I wasn’t quite sure who or where I was. For over a year nothing had changed and I was cruising through the days in a mustang, full tank of gas, never-ending picture-perfect road. The change was a flat tyre. I was promised by those around me that the storms were simply trying to wash me clean and I kept reminding myself to turn the pain I was feeling day-in day-out into wisdom and knowledge. I thought to myself ‘now I’ll do what’s best for me for a change’ but the fact is, I didn’t know what that was because I’d lived for others for so long.

It took me meeting a wonderful person to adjust my sails and finding the courage to let go of the way I thought and dreamed my life would be. I now walk over the things I used to trip on. I was so afraid of change, so afraid of forgetting the life I was living when in fact, I still want nothing more than to never forget that part of my life. Not because I still want to live it someday but really quite the opposite. I NEVER want to live I again, and by remembering I remember the pain and injustice I was living and also learn to massively appreciate what I have now.

Change is the end result of true learning. Whether you’re forced into the change or are strong enough to enforce it yourself, ultimately it is the choice of one day or day one. Today you have the power to change your story. Change with your life and live with your change, it’s going to do you good one day I absolutely promise.


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