The Snowman - Review

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Everybody loves a snowman; especially after seeing the movie, Frozen where the cute Olaf makes us remember our childhood days. But this is not an ordinary snowman that we would like to make or see on a cold winter evening; this is the one which proclaims that somebody is about to be slashed by a sociopath, a man orphaned at a young age by an unknown father and a mother who chose to drown in a frozen lake.

Directed by Tomas Alfredson, the movie is based upon Jo Nesbo’s novel with the same title. The movie has an amazing cast and director, but this British crime thriller, whose trailer tied viewers to a lot of expectations, didn’t actually thrill a lot of people. In the movie, Michael Fassbender as Harry Hole plays the role of a drunken cop and a not-so-good father. As he, along with the new recruit Katrine Bratt, tries to find the murderer behind the macabre series of killing, we as an audience find ourselves trying to figure out what on Earth is going on. The director himself said that the "shoot time in Norway was way too short, we didn’t get the whole story with us and when we started cutting we discovered that a lot was missing. It’s like when you’re making a big jigsaw puzzle and a few pieces are missing so you don’t see the whole picture.”

The very first scene introduces an unusual character, the uncle of the kid, who hits the child's mother because he doesn’t give the right answer to the history questions he asks. Then we see Harry Hole, a cop as unusual as the name, working on a case relating to a woman’s disappearance. Along with good looking recruit, whose past links with the flashbacks, he tries to catch the person who murders mothers and pregnant women and every time makes a snowman at the site of murder. There are a number of scenes displaying a number of incidents from a woman chopping the head of a hen to a half-naked woman but the only problem is that they are not stitched together.

Thus, one can see that many scenes are missing from what we see in the trailer and the movie doesn’t run as smoothly as expected; however, as a crime thriller, one can be dismayed by seeing the head of a woman on a snowman or a snow ball in place of a person’s head. The movie ends in a not-so-fantastic way, leaving a few questions in the mind of the audience. But if you want to spend your two hours taking a peep into the games played by a detective and a ruthless killer and a recruit who wants to take revenge for her father’s death; grab a packet of popcorn and enjoy the dramatic and mysterious ambience of the movie at the Tyneside cinema.


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