The Great British Bake Off Review

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Tuesday has seen the return of The Great British Bake Off and like every other typical Brit, nothing excites me more than watching people bake cake while I enjoy a brew. I’m still upset that Mary Berry and her incredible floral jackets are no longer on my screen and instead we have to deal with Prue and her terrible jewellery choices. But alas, this series features celebrity specials in aid of Stand Up To Cancer, so I guess I can put my differences with Channel 4 aside in the name of charity and a good cause. In the tent this week were Jamie Laing, Ella Eyre (who was sporting an amazing rainbow jumper that I must own immediately), Tim Minchin and Ruth Davidson (I didn’t know who she was either.) On a side note if you haven’t seen Noel Fielding’s new hair you should really give it a Google, it’s quite something.

The signature challenge was to bake a loaf cake. My flatmate makes an excellent banana bread so therefore that made me as qualified as Paul Hollywood to judge the bakers. Jamie’s banana bread looked a tad phallic thanks to some unfortunately placed banana slices and resembled spam rather than cake. Ella’s salted caramel banana bread however looked fantastic and resulted in me and my flatmate adding up how much of a dent Desserts Delivered would make in our bank accounts.

Next was the technical, and bakers had to make tiramisu sandwich biscuits. Tim Minchin’s biscuits were a literal flop when he presented the judges with a slop of biscuit mix on a plate. Now, considering Jamie Laing’s great-great-grandad created THE digestive biscuit, you’d think he’d know a bit about biscuits. Granted they weren’t McVitie’s standard but he did come second (a shock even to Paul.)

Finally it was the showstopper challenge and the task was to create a celebratory meringue tower for someone in their lives. It was our flatmate’s 21st birthday this week so we had a celebration ourselves by eating her cake while she was at work. However, Tesco’s Curly the Caterpillar would have been upstaged by these bakes. Jamie turned out to be the dark horse and actually made a pretty impressive tower. The same couldn’t be said for Tim though, whose tower came sliding down into one big crumbly mess. Noel tried to comfort him whilst he was sat on the floor and then tried to desperately salvage it, much like my dissertation tutor trying to help me get through 8,000 words.

In the end it was Ruth who won. I personally think Ella was robbed following her glittery pineapple meringue creation. It turns out that you can buy your own star baker apron online, and it’s for Stand Up To Cancer, so you too can make a very average cake in your kitchen (that’s if it’s clean enough) and raise some money for charity in the process. A win-win if you ask me.


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