JUDAS gig review 16/03/18

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London based indie quartet JUDAS are no strangers to an excitable Newcastle crowd. Having begun in 2015 and rigorously toured the country since then in support of a slough of single releases, both physical and digital, JUDAS have become a warm sight for their continuously growing fanbase. After proving themselves to be a high production act from playing the Leeds and Reading main stage two years in a row, it's evident that this level of production has followed through completely to JUDAS’s smaller gigs.


After opening acts Shoot Wrestler, Butterjunk and Duchess had provided the Nemix with an already excitable audience, JUDAS delivered a set of familiar singles and recent bangers, providing an aura of love and energy between them and the crowd. JUDAS’s ability to bring catchy, high production indie songs to an audience of a little under 50 truly showed their potential of a band at their level. JUDAS’s playing was extremely tight, with each member adding their own energy to the mix. Frontman John was especially a sight to behold, bringing his own anthemic vibe to the small audience and interacting with the crowd in a way that most festival level bands never bring to a more confrontational event. However that isn't to say the other three members were a miss in comparison, as Todd, Sam and James each brought the sound of JUDAS together to give the Nemix audience a special, energetic night.


Overall, JUDAS’s performance at the Nemix on Friday night proved that a band of Leeds and Reading main stage proportions can provide such a high production gig to a much more intimate audience. No matter how big JUDAS become over the next few years, this is something that the band should definitely focus on, as the ability to bring a large festival sound to a smaller scene is seldom seen. Overall, the night at the Nemix proved to be a memorable one for JUDAS and their Newcastle fanbase, as their return to the smaller geordie stage after opening the main stage at Leeds and Reading proved that they are a band to look out for. Recommended especially for fans of Kings of Leon and Kasabian.


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