Joe Mccorriston - Coffee House Sessions interview

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How has the tour gone?

It’s been good fun, I’ve learned alot since this is a different audience for me, I feel like this is something that students might take for granted, so it’s been a challenge to win them over, which is fun.


Is this the environment you're used to?

Its completely different, I often play ticketed gigs so people are there for a reason (laughs) My general audience is abit older than students so its been a completely different experience.


What are your musical influences?

Pretty varied really, I’ve always been into pop music but punk was the music of my teens, bands such as NOFX and Against Me! Were big influences on me, however I sort of fell out with the punk ideology as I got older and felt that it was becoming fake to me.


What do you think differentiates you from your contemporaries and similar acts?

I think what separates me in the performance aspect is that I think I'm very honest, sometimes a little bit too honest with the crowd (laughs) overall I think I've got a lot of energy when I play, I even find myself playing to empty bars sometimes and I still give it my all.


Do you have any new events or releases?

Yes, I have 50% of album number #4 written and that's my main goal really, I just need to find a place to record because I want to take that aspect especially seriously, along with that I’ll be doing plenty of touring as im trying to play in 20 countries this year.


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