JUDAS interview 16/03/18

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A) Section conducted by Jay Landman, B) Section conducted by Ryan Wallace


- For anyone out there who hasn't heard of Judas yet, tell us a little about yourself, your sound and who does what in the band.


We're a four piece, Scouse led, London based rock band with a killer live show and a cat/aogue of Indie Anthems haha. Liverpool born John sings and plays Guitar, Todd plays lead guitar, Jay plays Bass and Sam is on Drums. We all live together in Camden and spend most of our time writing songs in our flat. For more info visit wearejudas.com


- Having played R+L main stage two years a row is clearly a huge achievement for you so early into their career. How has that come about and how does it feel to play to those huge festival crowds compared to the small intimate venues on your upcoming tour?


Back in 2016, we were booked to play the This Feeling/Jack Rocks Tent at Leeds Festival. Shortly before our set we were told that a slot had opened up, on the main stage and whether we would like to play it. It was a miracle. We were all jumping around like lunatics. We played the set on jack rocks and we're immediately flung onto the main stage just moments after, for another set. It was the best day of our lives. Much to our surprise, early in 2017, we received an offer from the festival, to actually open the main stage at both Reading and Leeds. We must have impressed them the previous year. The difference was though that we had 6 months to prepare rather than around 6 minutes haha. Opening the main stage at the festival was incredible and such an honour. It's very strange going from huge festival stages to intimate venues. I honestly don't think we have a preference. Obviously it's great playing on huge stages, but also seeing the whites of the eyes in the crowd and watching people sing and dance just feet away from you in a smaller venue is an amazing feeling too.


- You've played Newcastle on a few occasions before, including Hit the North last year. How has the reception been by north east crowds to your music?


Think Tank underground was one of our favourite places to play last year. It's a show that really stuck with us, and we managed to sell it out, which none of us were expecting. We're so excited to return to Hit the North too, it's a superb festival with tonnes of amazing bands, and the city always has the best atmosphere during the festival.


- What are your plans for 2018 besides the tour? You've released some pretty strong anthemic singles over the last 2 years; are there any plans on an album or EP?


We have new music coming very very soon. Before the end of the month even, and a stonker of a video to go with it. We can't wait to release it. We're off on tour with Mallory Knox in April and have some other great shows in the pipeline that are yet to be announced. It's probably the most exciting time for us now, more than ever. We're so excited for the next few months we have so much planned.




  • How many shows have you done around the North East area?


Honestly, It's hard to say. Loads haha. When we were first starting out, we'd literally play every single gig we possibly could, many of which would be around Newcastle, Durham and everywhere in between. We're so excited to be coming back on Friday. The crowds always receive us so well and we always have a good night out on the town after haha.


  • Do you have any more shows planned in the area?


At the moment, just Hit The North Festival. We're playing Jumping Jacks on 6th May. Newcastle is always absolutely buzzing when the festival is on, it's one of our favourites to play.


  • Where's your favourite place to play?


It's so hard to say but I think we would all agree that Isle Of Wight Festival is our favourite place to play. We've been lucky enough to play the last few years now, and we're on again this summer. We always have the most unbelievable times at the festival and the crowd we get is growing every year. Can't wait.


  • You guys broke out of the London scene and are now on the level of playing Leeds and Reading, what was it like to hit those kinds of heights? What did it take?


Honestly, we still can't believe it's happened! Opening the Reading and Leeds main stage was a huge honour. In 2016, we were upgraded to the main stage after a band pulled out. We must have made a good impression as we had the offer through to open both Reading and Leeds Main stage for 2017. We feel so lucky to have had the opportunity, but also felt at home on the stage. We've played over 200 shows and we were all so comfortable on the stage.


  • Do you have any advice for young bands wanting to break out of a small scene?


Get a van! Before we had ours, we were going on megabusses, with all of our equipment, to Liverpool, Newcastle, even Scotland to play shows. It's was a nightmare. As soon as we got our van, we had so much more freedom to play wherever we wanted. Living all together also really helps us work towards the end goal everyday. We’re constantly writing, recording and demoing and it helps so much that we're always there, together. Plus it's tonnes of fun.


  • Where did the name Judas come from? What does it mean to the band?


It took us months to think of a band name. We thought that all had names of disciples so we were originally going to be called ‘The Disciples' but when we googled it to check, it turns out that Sam wasn't a disciple. We started calling him Judas because he ruined the band name, but then we realised that Judas was a kinda cool name, so we went with that!


  • What are your influences?


Our influences are constantly changing and evolving. When we first started we absolutely loved Kings of Leon and Kasabian and more recently we've been listening to a lot of Twenty One Pilots, Grandson and Nothing But Thieves. To be honest we love all music, and the playlists that blare in the van on the way to shows are completely random. There's a lot of guilty pleasures that slip in also, including a lot of Natasha Beddingfield.


  • Do you have any favourite recent releases?


We LOVE Portugal the Mans new album ‘Woodstock' its a banger, and I love The Wombats new Album ‘Beautiful People will ruin your life'. There's not one bad song on there.


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