FLAWES Interview

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Following their Coffee House Sessions performances at universities across the UK, we caught up with the members of FLAWES for a short interview about their gigs, their upcoming album release, and their future plans.



So this is your university tour right?

Freddie - “Yes, 11 days, 21 shows and we’ve got one more left, we head to Durham after this”.


Has the tour gone well?

Josh - “Yeah, it's been cool to play the songs in a more strict setup because usually when we perform its alot bigger, I’ve got a bigger drumkit and we’re doing a lot more onstage. Its cool to see that the songs still work in that environment”.


You guys have quite a creative style, what are your influences?

Freddie - “Individually we have quite different influences, for me I’m influenced by a lot of blues guitarists, but as a band we’re into people like Half Moon Run, London Grammar, Jared James and Bruno Major”.

Josh - “We share a lot of music between the three of us on Spotify so we’re constantly looking out for new music”.


(To Josh) You cited hip hop as an influence, which hip hop acts would you specifically cite as an influence?

Josh - “I actually liked really bad hip hop (laughs) I used to listen to Lil Wayne and Will Smith but generally growing up playing drums, I learned a lot of stuff from hip hop. We all have very different musical backgrounds but collectively it all kind of works”.


When you started out did you find it difficult to combine your different tastes?

Josh - “We didn't really set any boundaries to the creative process for when we’re rehearsing for live gigs and we don't have a set way of doing things so we naturally evolved into what we are now”.

Freddie - “Yeah I think you learn where your role fits in and how you can add to the situation”.


Was their a big scene for the style of music you guys play in your local area?

Josh C - “Well we had played in local bands around Huddersfield but never ventured too far up the country but there was always an active music scene in our area”.


What's your next goal now that the Coffee Sessions are finished?

Josh C - “We’re focusing on finishing the album, which will release next year. We have an idea of the songs and styles that will appear on it, it's just a case of finishing it all off and getting it out there. Once that is finished we’ll be ready to go into the next year and tour as much as we can”.

Freddie - “We also have a single coming out in called ‘This Could Be Real’, which will release on 17th November”.


The band’s newest single, ‘This Could Be Real’ is now available to stream on Spotify.


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