Why We Wear Black

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 Fashion is often at the forefront of many awards shows, and the Time’s Up movement has been the subject of many headlines following the Golden Globes. Time’s Up encouraged celebrities at the Golden Globes to wear black in order to support the vast amount of victims of sexual harassment and abuse around the world. This movement was pushed by many celebrities at the Golden Globes following the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations. The amount of celebrities who wore black and posted on their social media with the Time's Up hashtag was outstanding. It showed the victims, both female and male, that they were not alone when facing sexual assault. 

    What this movement showed the world was the power that fashion can have. Although the red carpet at the Golden Globes did not seem as bright and grand as normal, the designers dressed celebrities in beautiful dresses and suits. The black dresses stood out to all as the celebrities took to the carpet in a show of strength. The simple idea of wearing black and tweeting and posting about Time’s Up has helped to raise over €15 million in legal defence for those who have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. 

    Along with wearing black, many of the winners at the Golden Globes used their speeches to speak out for those brave men and women who came forward to speak about their experiences. Such a celebrity was Reese Witherspoon, who accepted the award for Big Little Lies, a TV show that deals with many of the issues that Time’s Up aims to help. Her emotional speech told women that time was up and the people affected would no longer be silenced. 

    This week we saw the Times Up movement arrive in the U.K at the Brits. Once again, we saw many stars take to the red carpet wearing black. However, this time many of the stars decided to wear or hold a white rose. The reason for the white rose was due to two music executives, Karen Rait, of Interscope, Geffen and A&M Records and Meg Markins, of Roc Nation. In a letter sent to the stars before the awards show, they urged them to hold or wear the white rose as it symbolises hope, peace, sympathy and resistance. The stark contrast of the white rose against the black dresses looked incredible on the red carpet.

    For me, this movement is spectacular. The outfits that the stars were wearing, even though all black, were still beautifully made and certainly stood out. The TimesUp movement has swept across the world; the hashtag is seen everywhere and people cannot stop talking about it. The way a simple black dress has created a buzz for a such a worthy cause is one of the many reasons why I love fashion so much. 


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