Fearing the world we live in

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I am sure the events of the past few months have left many of you feeling uneasy of the world we live in. We live on such a beautiful, astronomically mind-blowing planet of which is one of the very few we know of that can support life. Other planets are either a degree (or many degrees) too cold, too warm, too governed by extreme weather conditions for our bodies to cope and survive. We are lucky our planet is so suited to our being. But humans are at the peril of a different force of destruction and extreme threat. Humans have to live alongside each other. Sounds silly right? Who would've thought that our very being itself threatens the existence of other humans. Should a creature from a foreign land or universe land on earth, would they believe what they see? The hate, the murder, the tragedies of recent months, would they believe how selfish humans are to take such precious, unique life from one another out of greed, beliefs and disappointment?

When we are young, too young to verbalise our thoughts or feelings, too young to know the difference between wrong and right, we are forced to learn about the world through a screen with a gradient determined by our parents and guardians. We are influenced wrongly or rightly, we are told what to believe in. We learn what is wrong from scornful words instead of from kind teaching. At the age of two, you discover you can reach your father's piano via the stool next to it. That's your fathers prized possession, his career depends on the black and white keys of ebony and ivory. You've seen your father playing it so beautifully that you want to try yourself. Your father finds you and screams at you, 'you must never touch this again!'. Suddenly your father (the man who has protected you since you were born, who reads you bedtime stories and wipes dirt from your knees) becomes the predator, he's shouting at you and your father is no longer there to protect you. You have just learnt how to be fearful, fear has been added to your ever-expanding emotion catalogue. Fear is now the leader of your life. 

Should a creature from out of space ever visit earth, they will learn of fear instantly. Fear is the factor controlling all of our routines and plans. Fear lines the concrete pavements, and fills empty rooms. The recent months has forced fear to flood every sea and land on our planet. We have experienced fear in the most brutal way. Terrorism has became a united fear, it has taken many innocent lives and continues to do so. The fear we once had about the power of those we share our world with has been heightened to a degree never before known. What we need to decide is whether we wake up each morning with fear or with hope. With fear comes upset, anxiety, despondency and sorrow. With hope we achieve, we thrive, we smile and we thank. It's very easy to choose to wake up with fear in the current climate, but nothing worth having ever comes easy. Waking up with the hope that news will only be good, even if it is unlikely, waking up knowing someone today will make you smile and make you dream is worth the work. For life is precious and unique whereas fear is a viral source of infirmity we can choose to fight against.  


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