The SABB 5

The Sabbatical Officers or ‘Sabbs’ are a team of five students, elected by you to run your Students' Union. They sit on both Student Council and the Board of Trustees and are responsible for ensuring strong student leadership of NSU.


This year's Sabb Team (also known as The SABB 5) are:


Simon Noble 


As President I am the key link between the University and the Students’ Union, representing your views in order to influence and make change. I meet with key staff in the University in order to ensure that the student experience at Northumbria is as good as it possibly can be. I also campaign on national issues to make sure that the voice of Northumbria students is heard. My key priority is to be here for students so if you’ve got any concerns that you want me to address then get in touch. Check out my manifesto here. 

Email :       Twitter : @NSUPres



Karl Robson 

Vice President Education (VPE)

I represent all students on academic issues and take the lead on any education related campaign. I sit on many different committees and build relationships with university staff, speaking on your behalf on issues that matter to you. I’m also the Sabbatical mentor for all academic representatives such as Programme Reps and Department Reps, empowering them to ensure your university experience is the best it can be. Check out my manifesto here

Email :       Twitter : @NSUEducation



Matthew Johnston 

Vice President Postgraduate (VPP)

I am the sabbatical officer that represents all PGT and PGR students, catering for their needs across activities, welfare and education. My work covers a whole range of areas, from sitting on committees focusing on education to overseeing societies centred around postgraduate students. As the first Vice President Postgraduate, I’m keen to ensure that postgraduates know that the union is here for them, making sure their voice is heard. I’m also the sabbatical mentor for all PGT and PGR reps.

Email :      Twitter : @NSUPostgrad 



Ryan Bush 

Vice President Welfare (VPW)

Everyone should have a great and rewarding experience at Northumbria – and it’s my job to make it happen by ensuring that the diversity of our students does not affect the ability to achieve a good degree. I celebrate diversity and do work to ensure that equality groups are on a level playing field with everyone else by working with my equality reps to create changes for these groups within the university. I cover a huge range of issues within my role from housing, mental health, sexual health, travel and oversee our Nightline service. I’m the Sabbatical mentor to all Equality and Community Reps. 

Email :             Twitter : @NSUWelfare1



Keldyne Wilson 

Vice President Activities (VPA)

I am the lead on student activities. In today’s workplace, a good degree is not always enough. I am responsible for making sure that you graduate with the experience and skills you need to stand out from the crowd. Volunteering can be a great way to gain the skills that employers really value as well as making friends and having fun. I oversee Welcome Team, RAG (Raise and Give), NSU/Volunteering and Fast Friends. I also look after societies, through which you can meet people with the same interests as you- we have over 100 societies so why not Get Involved.’