Stay safe in the CIty

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Get home safe with NSU and Budget Taxis Get home safe with NSU and Budget Taxis

Independence is easily one of the best things about student life - living on your own, doing what you want with who you want, when you want. We're all for it, but we want to make sure you're safe while you're out and about in Newcastle - especially in the ealry hours or if you've had a couple fo drinks.

There have been a few incidents in the city centre recently and we are advising you to be SAFE when you go out, now more than ever.

NSU runs campaigns and initiatives all year to make sure you're safe whilst at University. Did you know students are three times more likely to be a victim of crime than other residents of Newcastle?

Our emergency taxi scheme is just one way we work with the local community to keep you safe while you study. We work in partnership with the friendly team at Budget Taxis to get you home safely in an emergency, should you run out of cash for any reason.

Make sure you:

  • Pre book a taxi
  • Use an official taxi rank
  • Go home in groups
  • Do not flag down or get in an unregistered taxi
  • Use the SU taxi scheme

To use the Budget taxi scheme:

  • Call Buget Taxis on 0191 298 5050
  • State you'd like a taxi on account under 'NSU' or 'Northumbria Students' Union'
  • Give your student card to the driver in leiu of payment
  • Keep your receipt
  • Collect your card from the Students' Union Welcome Desk and settle your bill there.

If you have any questions of concerns contact NSU at



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