Statement on Northumbria Expenses

It was reported in the national press on Monday the 6th of August, that a Freedom of Information request revealed that a Northumbria University credit card was used to pay the amount of £2184 in the lap dancing club Spearmint Rhino.

Northumbria University have stated that this transaction was reimbursed promptly and in full. The Students’ Union accepts no money from student fees was misspent but we still believe there is a serious ethical issue to be addressed.

Over the years Northumbria University has had some fantastic members of staff who have used their position to fight lad culture on campus, as well as fighting for gender equality in academia through their work with Athena Swan.

It is a shame that this behaviour undermines that work and as your President of the Students’ Union I have met with senior members of the University to put forward our concerns.

We have asked the university to apologise for the serious breach of ethical behaviour by its staff in attending a Spearmint Rhino club whilst representing the university. There should also be a full investigation into the matter with appropriate action taken to ensure that this does not happen again or any other similar unethical behaviour by its staff.

Every student should feel comfortable challenging misogyny on and off campus, and we expect our university to live up to the standards it has itself set out for its staff and students.

Any students who wishes to contact the Students’ Union to comment on the matter can do by emailing


Simon Noble


Northumbria Students’ Union President


Connor Lilley
2:22am on 11 Aug 18 Ewan, my thoughts exactly.
Ewan Matheson
10:04pm on 10 Aug 18 Connor Lilley, Here Here man! i cant think why its Misoginy, i mean surely its the opposite.
Connor Lilley
2:56pm on 10 Aug 18 It would have been more appropriate to highlight the use of student funds used in a strip club. A staff members use of spare time is not the issue here. I do not understand how this could be classed as a misogynistic act ? quit being a fairy
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