November Rep of the Month

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November has been a busy month for reps, with Staff Student Programme Committees and Faculty Education Committees taking place everywhere. We’ve also trained over 500 Programme Reps and they’re out and about speaking up for you!

Our rep of the month is Nessa Wood, Department Rep for Business and Management. As well as meeting regularly with senior faculty managers and organising a Programme Rep social, Nessa took on issues with clustering of assessment deadlines. Although her first conversations didn’t get her anywhere, Nessa didn’t give up and she continued the conversation with her faculty staff. She also gathered lots of evidence of how students felt on this issue, with around 300 students providing feedback to present to the faculty. Following this, assessment deadlines were changed and students could look forward to a more reasonable programme of work.

It was really tough to choose our rep of the month for November, because there were so many good candidates. We wanted to give a big shout out to all of the following reps who were nominated but did not win this month:

  • Tom Simms, who stood up for students who didn’t have a Programme Rep and had assessments changed on a module where students hadn’t been fully taught all of the material
  • Rachel Whitham and Cat Grimshaw, who stood up for students on their course on a number of issues, despite initial difficulties in getting these addressed. By not giving up and continuing the conversation, they managed to make improvements for the students they represent
  • Ikenna Offor, who spoke up to senior University managers on why BAME students don’t achieve the same degree outcomes as their white counterparts, and represented us at the NUS Black Students’ Conference
  • Grace Lawson and Kayleigh McElderry-Wilkinson, who’ve helped to deliver dozens of Programme Rep training sessions

All these reps can pop by the SU to collect their Habita vouchers as a small thank you for their excellent volunteering. Well done, and be proud of everything you’ve done!


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