Global Integration Week 2019

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Global Integration Week 2019

Global Integration Week at NSU is about showcasing the wonderful cultures we can experience when we meet students who come to Northumbria from around the globe.

Here’s a list of what’s taking place:

International Food Festival
12pm – 3pm | Domain
Free food samples from across the world.

Multi-faith Discussion
5 – 7pm | Library Skills Room
Find out more about various faiths around the globe and explore the messages of love within religion, as well as the impact of religion within your studies.

Cultural Celebration Day
5pm – 8pm | Reds
An open mic and evening of theatre, drama and more! Want to get involved? Email


International Karaoke Night

7pm – 10pm | Habita
Get your best singing voice at the ready for the best karaoke night in town, featuring songs from across the globe.

Digital Gaming Day
5pm – 8pm | SU
Meet international students while playing some classic video games.

BAME Sports Day
10am – 4pm | Sport Central
Come and try out a variety of different sports famous across the world while meeting people!

Want to get involved with any of these events? Get in touch! Email   

*All Societies are welcome to book a stall to showcase the native cuisine of their country. The Students’ Union will provide a grant of up to £30 for each stall to buy ingredients but please retain receipts to claim this money back.

Cooking food on the Union premises is not possible given that we do not have cooking equipment freely available but we will provide access to microwaves to warm food through. Unless it is essential to your stall please avoid rich dishes given that this is a high-risk item for food hygiene purposes. If you are serving dishes containing meat products please ensure that all meat is thoroughly cooked.

Each stall will be provided with a table, plates and cutlery to serve their dish. Please remember that it is not the intention for each attendee to be served a full meal rather a small sample of the cuisine of your country.  

To confirm your booking for the Food Festival, please email


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