Freshers' Week Fun

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We've had so many wonderful comments about Freshers' Week 2019. 

From being hypnotised at Lo Reid exploring the variety of cafe's on the cafe crawl we have been very busy. 

Our favourite memory so far is giving away £1,500 in cash to our two very lucky winners:


Thomas will be spending the money on treating his girlfriend to a lovely holiday. 


Dhvanil is going to treat his friends to some nights out and taking care of bills. 


Both Thomas and Dhvanil are very lucky winners and it couldn't of gone to two nicer guys. 

We hope you both spend it well and enjoy yourselves. 


Watch this space, could this be you next?


Dhvanil Mandaliaa
8:19pm on 11 Oct 19 Hello, I really thank NSU for being so kind and warm to us. This is a great gesture from your side and to be very honest - "I thoroughly enjoyed the Fresher's week" Well planned, well executed and well done to the entire team :D I would also like to congratulate Thomas who won the bigger Jackpot :D Cheers buddy and have a great time. Regards, Dhvanil Mandaliaa
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